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Photographic Printing Services
Direct Digital Color Prints
All of Modernage's Direct Digital C-Prints are custom printed from digital files or scans on quality name brand photographic papers. All images are printed under strict supervision to guarantee the best possible results. Whether it's an 8x10 to frame for Mom & Dad, an 11x14 for your portfolio, exhibits prints for an upcoming gallery show or LARGE display prints for museums or retail display, we make certain that you receive the best possible images your originals can yield. Standard finishes available in glossy or matte. Metallic paper is available at a slightly higher cost.

Digital B&W Fiber Print
Arguably the finest medium for black and white printing, these premium quality prints can be ordered in almost any size. Using exquisite photographic fiber papers and traditional B&W processing, master printers insure maximum quality. We can produce Silver Gelatin prints to almost any size from prints, negatives or digital files. Where a digital file is not available, scans from negatives, transparencies, prints or artwork can be produced to create prints or murals.
An extra archival wash and hand finishing complete the process.

Metallic C-Prints
Photographs printed using a metallic finish create a striking. distinctive look. The glossy finish, ultra-bright background and metallic-looking appearance of this paper create images with exceptional visual interest and depth. This appeals to both photographers and visual display designers.

Duratrans and Duraflex Display films are a durable photographic print material on 9 mil mylar. Duratrans are attractively priced large format media designed for backlit display light boxes. They can be produced from negatives as well as your digital files or scans. Duratrans maintains the same good contrast, high quality color and rich blacks that printing on photographic paper yields. Duratrans material has a "built in" diffusion layer to assure uniform light dispersion. Duraflex prints are made on a similar material for strength and durability. They are actual photographs printed on this special material and are meant to be viewed as a color print. Duraflex prints are ideal for trade show use or wherever a print must be rolled and used over and over. Duraflex prints cannot be used in lightboxes.

A clear-base color transparency material for use on illuminators with built-in diffusers (such as light boxes). They feature bright, saturated colors with deep intense blacks for extra impact. Also, they maintain superb detail from highlights to shadows and allow for very sharp text. Duraclear Display Material can be used for backlit displays such as advertising/point of sale, as well as for promotions, signage, lobbies and office space decor.

Economy Machine Prints - "Quick Prints"
The "Corner Store" minilab prints take on a whole new look at Modernage. We call them "Quick Prints". Whether it's developing a roll with 4x6 prints or making machine enlargements from your negatives or slides, the "minilab" prints at Modernage have that professional edge. Index prints are available from all types of film. Have a new digital camera? No problem! Modernage can print from ANY digital media. Bring in your digital cards, flashdrives or email your files to make prints, digital proof sheets or custom mounted prints We can also burn your files to CD or DVD.

B&W Prints from Negatives
Double-weight silver gelatin fiber based (true photographic) paper developed in genuine B&W chemistry the "old-fashioned way". Cropped to your specifications.

Headshot Repros
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